ASCC has earned a reputation for professional,
adaptable, and cost-effective service to our clients.
Over 2,500 cultural resource projects completed since 1996.
ASCC is committed to helping our clients
understand and comply with state and federal law.

Archaeological Services LLC (ASCC) is committed to responsible project development and to furthering our understanding of the archaeological record.

ASCC provides a comprehensive suite of archaeological services for compliance with cultural resource management (CRM) laws, including:

• Consultation and coordination with clients, government agencies, and tribal governments for assessment and comprehensive mitigation planning
• Clark County archaeological predeterminations, surveys, formal site testing, and construction monitoring
• Laboratory analysis, interpretation, and documentation
• See our services page for a complete list

Cultural resource laws require agencies to consider the effects they have on the natural and cultural environment, and to consult with relevant governmental authorities on projects developed with federal or state assistance. ASCC helps our clients understand and comply with these regulations by communicating with involved agencies, performing archaeological analyses, and creating appropriate mitigation strategies when cultural resources are identified so that all parties have full confidence that resources are being handled responsibly. Our experience in every phase of archaeological investigation assures that our clients’ projects can be completed on time and within budget.

What is cultural resource management (CRM)? Why is it important?

Cultural resources are aspects of the environment – both natural and built, as well as both physical and intangible – that have cultural value to a group of people. These can be beliefs, oral traditions, traditionally used spaces, and the tools and material culture used within those spaces that have been left to the archaeological record. Cultural resource management preserves these resources in a variety of ways – of which, archaeology is just one method.

It is important to manage cultural resources because heritage is precious, and when resources are destroyed without being recorded then that evidence, and what it can tell us how people successfully managed their landscapes, is lost forever. Cultural resource management is vital to the health and resilience of local communities, in part, because it preserves heritage for developing the cultural identity of future generations.

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